How Property Owners Benefit from a Pond and Fountain

A pond or fountain makes a great addition to a residential or commercial landscape. These features can have many positive benefits for property owners as well as those who visit. Here are some of the highlights:

Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that spending time outside in nature can greatly reduce a person’s level of stress. Then, when water is added to the outdoor setting, this just increases the effect.

Mask Noise

If there are busy highways or streets nearby, or even neighbors that keep the music a bit too loud, a nice water feature can be a great way to create a buffer. The sound of the water will help to mask the noise.

Value & Curb Appeal

Adding a water feature really does add more curb appeal to the home. Not only that, homeowners have seen that their home values increased when the time came to put their home on the market. This is something that really attracts buyers. People are drawn to a nice pond or fountain, as it is very welcoming.

Collect Run-Off

Today, many commercial sites are including storm-water ponds on their property. The ponds collect run-off from high ground and their parking lots. This water normally contains dirt, debris, and garbage. If the pond is stagnant these items settle at the bottom. A fountain in the pond will help by de-stratifying the water column when it pulls the water into the pump.

Air Quality

Flowing water actually releases negative ions into the air which helps to improve the quality of air that is breathed in. Flowing water also helps to filter dust and particles out of the air.

Those with fish in their pond find that a fountain will promote a healthy environment for them. The oxygen introduced by a fountain can improve the habitat, making it easier for these fish to thrive.

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